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A go-to solution for therapy staffing providers since 2012, therapyBOSS is the all-inclusive platform that helps them improve their business and make their clients happy.

A must have for home health therapists. Very user friendly software for therapists in home health. Creates excellent documentation and increases efficiency for therapists and home health agencies.
John Falcus
Owner and Physical Therapist
Pinnacle Therapy

Ready to take on your biggest jobs

Separate queue of pending referrals to accept or reject. Assign a therapist instantly or filter by territory, case load, visit load and more. Post a referral to multiple therapists at once to have them let you know if they can take on the case.
Automatic enforcement of visit frequency and authorizations, can’t overlap visits, squeaky-clean notes, care plan-based charting, therapist alerts, including for 30-day reassessments, and monitoring from the office. Our dedicated compliance team ensures documentation compliance now and in the future.
Tremendous flexibility in setting up pricing per client and type of referral. Add zip code upcharges if applicable. Overwrite rates for referrals that require unique handling. Generate accurate invoices in seconds, actually. Post full payments, partial payments and batch payments.
Run it all on therapyBOSS even if charting in client’s EMR

You’d rather use the same great software like therapyBOSS for all of your clients. Yet you may be asked to document in a client’s own EMR. No worries, you won’t have to be gathering up the data for billing, payroll, compliance and reports from other systems. therapyBOSS has a trick up its sleeves to let you rely on a single platform.

Everything else you need to operate a successful therapy staffing business


Schedule for therapists or save time by letting them put in their own appointments. therapyBOSS will guarantee they don’t exceed frequency and authorizations. Regardless of who schedules, it’s easy to create repeating events and manage patient calendars. For coordination, clinicians of a care team will see each others’ appointments.


Meet your charting needs with an exhaustive library of clinical notes for every treatment scenario plus full OASIS suite and functional tests. Document faster thanks to the brilliant layout and shortcuts that include care plan templates, auto-filled visit notes and interim evaluations, self-populating reassessments and discharges and more. Eval done elsewhere? Document a simple plan of care to continue in therapyBOSS. Therapists co-sign? therapyBOSS makes it a breeze.

Onboarding and credentials

Spend little effort adding therapists. Invite them to register on their own in a minute. If they have an existing therapyBOSS login, they’ll be able to connect with you straight away. Either way they’ll sign your contract electronically. Specify their territory coverage and availability or let them enter it if desired. Maintain credentials, share them automatically with clients and know what’s missing and soon expiring.


Establish pay rates per therapist and type of referral. Lots of clinicians? Load your default rates to apply automatically to new hires. Overwrite rates on the fly if a referral calls for it. Create reimbursable visit expenses, for everyone or certain individuals, to permit therapists to record them. Run the numbers with a couple of clicks for payroll.


Foster effective communication with secure built-in messaging. Trivial to use for everyone, it can have an outsized impact on helping you provide the best possible care. Have a private exchange with a therapist, talk care team-wide or broadcast a message to all of your clinicians. Patient-related messages are kept with the patient’s record.


Track and analyze a multitude of measures of your business performance and therapist productivity. See your referrals dynamic across clients to help you target your marketing efforts. Check your profitability by client or clinician in real time. Watch your receivables aging and reconcile payments with bank deposits. Drill into the detail, display it as charts and export to your favorite application.

Exceptional therapist experience

Renowned for its user-friendliness, the therapyBOSS mobile app for therapists is like no other.

Designed for frictionless mobile-centric interaction on phones and tablets.

Notes, medications, signature capture, GPS visit verification, calendar, alerts and more.

Uninterrupted and unimpaired productivity anywhere thanks to the offline capability.


Scheduled appointments can be displayed in work or personal calendar.

* Our brand-new app showcased here is now available for Apple devices. The legacy Android app will be replaced soon.
With therapyBOSS, the therapist can pretty much finish their note in the patient’s home, sync and save and they are done. It allows them to perhaps see one or two more patients a day.
Judith Nehorai
Vice President
Florida Rehability

Deliver stand-out service to your clients

You don’t need to be told that outstanding service is key to sustaining and growing your therapy staffing business but you should know what therapyBOSS does to help.

Portal for Referral Sources
Thousands already use it to send referrals, access notes, see schedules, get invoices and credentials as well as communicate. They can connect with your company too.
Client-specific settings
Cater to your clients by entering important information about them and special instructions for their patients. Set their Medicare week, note printing preferences, admission consent and more.
Supporting your clients
Portal access and unlimited technical support is completely free for your clients. They’ll receive prompt and competent assistance from our own team of experts day and night.
There is no doubt that these people are going to be my customers. Even if somebody were to walk in and offer them $10 less in rates, they will say no, because I support them to a much higher level through therapyBOSS.
Daniel Nehorai
Florida Rehability

You won’t be doing it alone

Our team knows how to help you succeed operationally. We aren’t only experts in all things therapyBOSS but are also highly knowledgeable about the home health industry in general.

Streamline your therapy staffing business

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