Choose a system built for solo
providers like you

Smaller practices represent the majority of our clients. Many are a one-person business.
They love therapyBOSS because it gets the job done, easy to use and inexpensive.

One size doesn’t fit all

Designed with solo providers in mind, therapyBOSS will streamline your experience across administrative and clinical facets of your practice.

Сomplete software solution
Everything in therapyBOSS works together out of the box and there is nothing to integrate. It’s a complete software solution for therapists.
Single login
Clean separation between administrative functions (e.g., billing, reporting, etc.) and clinician side, yet both are conveniently accessible through the same login.
Working on the go
Browse patients, schedule and chart on any device using the therapyBOSS app or the website. Switch between devices and pick up where you leave off.
Business and clinician identities
Logging in on the website lets you toggle effortlessly from the administrative side of therapyBOSS to the clinician view and back as needed.
Other users
Have someone assisting you with your business? You can give them their own login and grant permissions to what you want them to be able to see.
Ever since I’ve been with therapyBOSS, my life has become so stress free. I can finally have a peaceful weekend, spend time with family.
Vardhan Mudigonda
Owner &
Physical Therapist

Exactly what you need to take care of business

Anywhere, anytime charting

Modern app that runs on most phones and tablets. It works offline which means you can reliably get your work done in the field and not bring it home.

Ready-to-go clinical notes

Clinical notes for every event such as assessment, treatment, progress reporting, discharge and more. Their layout is optimal on any screen size.

Documentation smarts

Intelligent features realistically speed up documentation: responses carry forward, interim assessments load from prior assessment, progress reports and discharges self-complete.

Patient’s progress at a glance

Care plan-driven charting saves you time and makes it simple to know your patient’s progress at any point. Customizable goal and treatment templates help create care plans faster.

Total compliance

Worry-free compliance in your documentation thanks to our 100% compliant notes that also prompt you if anything required is left out. Full compliance in all other aspects.

Solo provider-friendly

User-friendly administrative interface to enter new patients, set up payers and perform billing based on visits you submit.

Love it. I’ve been using therapyBOSS for a year and will not go back to paper. Very easy to use and it’s the main thing. I highly recommend it.
Mohamed Ibrahim
Owner &
Physical Therapist

Easy to get going with

You’ll create your new account in under a minute or two and spend a few more minutes to set it up. therapyBOSS will guide you step by step.
If you’re in therapyBOSS already, you’ll be able to keep the same login and continue working for anyone else. It’ll be completely seamless.
With your account in place, you can begin putting in patients and assigning them to yourself. It won’t be long before you’re ready to document your visits.

Unbeatable pricing for solo providers

therapyBOSS pricing is like a breath of fresh air for solo providers. Pay a small fee per visit, so only for your actual usage and nothing else. You won’t be locked into a contract either, able to quit any time without penalties.

Spread the word and get paid when any other providers you refer use therapyBOSS. They’ll love it and you’ll earn a commission from every paid invoice.
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Free and unlimited technical support

You don’t have to be a big shot to get awesome support. Count on our own, local team of
experts to help you succeed. We’ll be happy to answer your questions by phone or email.

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