Social Work

Mobile social workers exploring how they can track, schedule, document and bill their clients using a single platform will find therapyBOSS ideal for their needs.

Mobile app for social workers

The therapyBOSS clinician app is a virtuoso in the field allowing social workers to take care of what’s on their plate anytime anywhere.

Client information access

Instantly access every one of your clients and their record including demographics, contacts, other providers involved, authorizations, clinical notes and more.

Appointment scheduling

Schedule appointments for clients quickly from their calendar while being able to see your appointments for other clients for a full view of your availability.


Scheduled appointments can be displayed in work or personal calendar.


Finish your assessment and session documentation faster thanks to the thoughtful layout of notes and multiple shortcuts that help avoid repetitive entry.

Staying on top of things

Keep up to date with your responsibilities easily as therapyBOSS automatically monitors data and alerts you of what may be helpful to know or what needs your attention.

Uninterrupted productivity

Reliably get all of your work done even if you don’t have a good connection on your device. The app works offline, you simply synchronize when ready to send and receive.

Built for the multi-device world

The therapyBOSS mobile app is a native iOS and Android app that works beautifully on most phones and tablets. The web app is perfect for computers and Chromebooks.

* Our brand-new app showcased here is now available for Apple devices. The legacy Android app will be replaced soon.

Charting for social workers

therapyBOSS documentation isn’t just more efficient to work with, it also covers what matters to social workers and helps them meet compliance requirements.

Geared for social work

Adult and pediatric assessments that focus on social work aspects and enable you to assess your clients comprehensively.


Care plan-driven charting means knowing what to address in each session and quickly seeing your client’s current status.


Compliance is practically assured through contents in satisfaction of requirements and through automatic enforcements.

Billing for your services

Submit insurance claims and create client statements directly in therapyBOSS.

Bill insurance
  • Easy note to claim
  • Payer authorizations
  • Automatic claim validation
  • Submit claims electronically
  • Identify rejections and resubmit
  • Monitor unpaid claims
  • Post payments
Bill clients
  • Bill with superbills or not
  • Easy note to superbill or to invoice
  • Issue statements
  • Address to representative
  • Clear, print-ready format
  • Monitor unpaid invoices
  • Record payments

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