Pediatric Therapy

Pediatric therapy providers rely on therapyBOSS to fully support their clinical and administrative activities, saving them time and money in the process.

Inclusive service support
Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
Developmental Therapy
Aural Rehabilitation
Social Work
Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
Developmental Therapy
Aural Rehabilitation
Social Work

Field clinician’s dream come true

There is no better sidekick for mobile clinicians than the therapyBOSS mobile app. That’s because it was specifically designed for their needs.

Client files
Access complete client records to view the information you want.
Go to client calendars to quickly schedule your appointments for them.
Get your charting finished faster to focus on providing the treatment.
Notifications and alerts
Stay on top of your work with automatic notifications and in-app alerts.

Manage client census and work anywhere

The therapyBOSS mobile app makes it easier for clinicians to do their job on the go.

Open client’s record to get to everything you need

The entirety of the client’s information is readily accessible including demographics, contacts, other providers such as their physician, notes, visit restrictions and more.

Schedule client’s appointments to plan your day

You’ll have a full picture of your availability when scheduling for a client with appointments for other clients shown. Schedule repeating appointments and easily know who you have for today or any day.


Scheduled appointments can be displayed in work or personal calendar.

Spend less time writing documentation

therapyBOSS charting saves time thanks to its magic, some of which includes templates for care plan outcomes, carrying forward responses, discharges that auto-load treatment’s progress and overall friendly layouts.

Get alerted about what you need to know

Keeping up with work is simpler in therapyBOSS. Automatic email notifications and app alerts will keep you informed about what matters pertaining to your clients.

* Our brand-new app showcased here is now available for Apple devices. The legacy Android app will be replaced soon.
Work without interruption and get it all done no matter where you go. The therapyBOSS app doesn’t need Wi-Fi.

Web app too

Want to document your client’s assessment on a laptop? There’s a web app for that. Simply log in to from a Macbook, Chromebook or any device. You could even start visits on your mobile device, then sync to pick them up on your computer.

Clinical documentation prowess

Besides recording details for later recollection, charting efforts produce legal documents. therapyBOSS helps clinicians spend less time writing documentation while meeting their professional obligations.

Chart all notes electronically

Having the right place to capture information naturally promotes complete records. therapyBOSS offers comprehensive pediatric assessments, treatment note, discharge summary, communication note and much more.

Chart in compliance

Contents of notes satisfy professional requirements and are reviewed regularly. Treatment is based strictly on the established care plan and it’s easy to see progress. Required responses can’t be left incomplete.

Corroborate visits

Admission consent can be presented in the therapyBOSS app. Have the family member sign for it directly on your mobile device. Have them sign for each visit if needed. GPS visit verification is also available.


Bill insurance and clients right out of therapyBOSS through its integrated billing.

Bill insurance
  • Easy note to claim
  • Payer authorizations
  • Automatic claim validation
  • Submit claims electronically
  • Identify rejections and resubmit
  • Monitor unpaid claims
  • Post payments
Bill clients
  • Bill with superbills or not
  • Easy note to superbill or to invoice
  • Issue statements
  • Address to representative
  • Clear, print-ready format
  • Monitor unpaid invoices
  • Record payments

Ideal platform for practice of any size

Solo providers
All inclusive capabilities and pricing make therapyBOSS an excellent choice and a simple decision to make for single clinician practices.
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Your whole team can be more productive and happier using therapyBOSS. Your business will be ready to grow and tackle any challenges ahead.
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Portal for clients

Give families convenient online access to their documentation and invoices.

Go with therapyBOSS to save time and money

Try it free for 30 days. For your peace of mind, there is no contract to sign.