Outpatient Therapy

therapyBOSS is the software of choice for mobile outpatient therapy practices. It helps them run their business and helps their therapists manage patients anywhere on any device.

Compliance with Medicare Part B requirements
for outpatient therapy

An abundance of regulations can make compliance a drain on your resources. therapyBOSS facilitates compliance to reduce the burden.


Documentation is the most crucial element of compliance. therapyBOSS documentation is constructed and maintained to help substantiate Medicare claims.


  • Comprehensive therapy evaluations
  • Strictly care plan-driven charting
  • Procedure code and ICD-10 code lookup
  • Can’t submit notes unfinished
  • Alert for progress reports
  • Clear picture of patient’s progress
  • Physician order tracking
  • Alert to co-sign for assistants (if applicable)

Medicare continuously updates Party B billing rules. We monitor for these changes and implement them to simplify your job of satisfying the requirements.


  • HIPAA-compliant electronic claims
  • 8-minute rule for unit calculations
  • Therapy cap (annual threshold) tracking
  • Automatic modifier KX if attested
  • Built-in prompts for NCCI edits
  • Automatic modifier 59
  • Discipline specific modifiers
  • Supervising therapist’s NPI on claim forms

In-house billing

Command your entire billing workflow from creating claims to receiving payments and everything around it.

Set up payers
Establish payers easily with only a few pieces of data. Our default settings will satisfy most payers but they can be fine-tuned to address any unique requirements.
Capture patient’s coverage
Add the patient’s payer when doing intake. Specify their insurance identification and additional information as needed to drop onto claims.
Generate claims
Unbilled services are queued up for you to select and create claims automatically. therapyBOSS grabs documented procedure codes and ICD-10 codes, calculates rate and figures out the modifiers.
Submit claims
therapyBOSS validates new claims for accuracy and clearly identifies any issues. Make corrections on the fly if necessary and submit electronically through the clearinghouse of your choice.
Post payments
Payer remittances can be received electronically. Conveniently listed on their own screen, they’ll be ready for you to view the EOB. therapyBOSS will record payments and adjustments when you proceed, creating secondary claims or patient bills at the same time.
Track claims and receivables
You’ll receive acknowledgements and clearinghouse reports to help spot rejections. Unfinished claims are seen at a glance and can be filtered in different ways. Check the AR report to stay on top of outstanding balances.
The answer for Medicare home health agencies adding outpatient therapy services

HHAs looking to diversify their traditional services find Medicare Part B expansion a natural fit. therapyBOSS supports every aspect of it. Our in-house billing can also generate institutional claims (aka CMS-1450 and UB-04). Startup-friendly pricing and expert technical assistance make it an easy decision.

therapyBOSS mobile app

The therapyBOSS mobile app for therapists is built purposely for phones and tablets with focus on no-compromise usability in the field.

Therapist favored

Simple to navigate user interface is beautiful on phones and takes advantage of larger tablet screens.


Faster charting with optimized note layouts, auto-loading responses and quick visibility of patient’s progress.

Fully capable

Extensive features that include patient management, calendar, notes, messaging, alerts and more.

Productivity anywhere

Functional and reliable regardless of Wi-Fi availability thanks to the unique offline approach.


Scheduled appointments can be displayed in work or personal calendar.

* Our brand-new app showcased here is now available for Apple devices. The legacy Android app will be replaced soon.

Total administration of your outpatient therapy practice

Handle all of your operational tasks with greater efficiency using integrated tools that will meet your needs now and in the future.

Startups, small practices and large organizations take control of their operations and grow with therapyBOSS.
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Solo providers
Straightforward in use, complete and economical, therapyBOSS offers solo practitioners exactly what they need.
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Competent in different settings, therapyBOSS is a compelling solution for managing clinics and hybrid practices.
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Streamline your outpatient therapy practice

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