Maximize your organization’s

Some systems add unnecessary complexity while others fall short when all they should
be doing is empowering your organization without getting in the way.

Next-level productivity

Pushing your team harder will only get you so far. You need the right tools to help you be more efficient as you sustain your business and grow it.

Operational settings
Set up therapyBOSS quickly to work for your organization. The settings you establish will drive most of your processes, enforcing your business rules automatically.
Clinician onboarding
Spend little time adding clinicians. You’ll simply invite them to connect to your organization and therapyBOSS will handle the rest, even prompting them to e-sign your contract.
Referral staffing
Assign a therapist on the spot or filter by territory coverage, preferred census, visit load, and more. Post referrals to selected clinicians letting them respond instantly whether they are available.
Visit compliance
You don’t have to overextend your office resources scheduling visits. Free up time when clinicians manage their appointments and therapyBOSS enforces visit and frequency restrictions.
Team communication
Coordinate services with greater efficiency via built-in messaging. It’s easy to talk privately or have a care team-wide conversation. Messages regarding patients are linked to their records.
Billing and payroll
Realize possibly drastic time savings thanks to our fresh approach to billing that requires surprisingly minimal effort. therapyBOSS will also help facilitate payroll with a couple of clicks.
After one year using therapyBOSS, it has exceeded our hopes and expectations by miles. It allows a single person to staff more than 30 therapists and perform all office functions with time left for business development and recruiting.
Alan Carpe
Ohio Medical Staffing

Keeping tabs on things

Patient calendars
Readily view calendars to check upcoming appointments and administer them as needed based on how much your organization wants to be involved in scheduling for therapists.
Automatic notifications
therapyBOSS generates notifications when certain events take place to help you stay informed without being glued to your screen.
Action items
Unique and incredibly useful, action items give you the power to track anything in any facet of your operations, assigning it, prioritizing and discussing along the way.
Compliance monitoring
Multiple built-in safeguards make compliance inherent across different aspects but it can be monitored using designated reports.
Business reporting
Get a complete picture of your business activities, clinician productivity, receivables, profitability and more with powerful, drill-down reports and charts.

Empowering your clinicians

Your clinicians are your biggest asset. Keep them happy and productive by making their
jobs easier with therapyBOSS.

One-of-a-kind app
Unparalleled mobile experience with or without Wi-Fi. Web app is also available.
Standout charting
A whole different level for note selection and shortcuts that save clinicians time.
Worry-free compliance
Comprehensive safeguards to ensure compliance without frustrating clinicians.
[therapyBOSS] is saving [clinicians] between 1.5 and 2 hours a week. That’s huge! Not only from a business perspective but also from a lifestyle perspective. We want our clinicians to be able to have a life.
Kim Pritikin
Director of Clinical Services
Therapy Care

Designed for security

Thousands of providers trust us with their data. We take this responsibility seriously by adhering to HIPAA and HITECH standards and following best practices for data security and privacy.

Access security
Two-factor authentication, permission-based access, user management, lockout for failed login attempts.
Data security
Encryption for data at rest and in transit, encryption for data in mobile app, encoded and unviewable passwords.
Service availability
Component redundancy, data backups, real-time data replication to a data center in another region.

A partner you can count on

Maintain and grow your business with a company that’s been helping organizations do the same since 2012.

Scalable platform

Our systems handle millions of data requests and thousands of visit submissions daily. They are built to scale as the load increases.

Optimized architecture

Both our applications and networks are engineered to deliver fast response times when you work on the website or the mobile app.

High reliability

We invest in our infrastructure to ensure that you experience no down time. Occasional maintenance is completed between 3 AM and 5 AM CST.

Frequent updates

Regular updates are released every 30 to 60 days. Many of the changes we make are based directly on feedback from our clients.

In the time we’ve spent looking at software, there were very few that met the needs of an organization as large as ours or in as many different fields as ours. therapyBOSS has.
Eric Chester
Director of Sales and Marketing
Therapy Care

We’ll help you roll out

We’ll give your entire team the assistance they need to get going with therapyBOSS.

Your office trained

Our live training to help you roll out is completely free. You can book a session for everyone or multiple sessions for different roles. Our availability is typically immediate and we do our best to accommodate your schedule.

Your clinicians trained

therapyBOSS is simple to pick up for clinicians but we’ll be happy to conduct a live group training that will also be free of any charge.

Want to run a pilot first?

No problem! We’ve done that. We’ll work with your team to plan and execute a smaller pilot first based on your organization’s priorities.

Within a couple of weeks we had 120 people trained. I got a lot of positive feedback on how smoothly it went
Daniel Nehorai
Florida Rehability

We’ll stand behind you every step of the way

Software support is crucial and we’re here to help you from day one. Our clients think of
us as an extension to their own team and praise us for our expertise and availability.

Make therapyBOSS your competitive advantage

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