Early Intervention

Providers of early intervention services use therapyBOSS to manage their clients, document assessments and treatments, submit claims, track information and securely retain all records.

State-specific documentation
where available

EI requirements for documentation can vary between states. Mandated formats are gradually released for states that require them.

State implemented in therapyBOSS:
  • Required evaluation/assessment format
  • Capturing performed assessment instruments
  • Mandated interim/discharge report
  • Compliant treatment documentation
  • Exact service activities
  • Clinician’s e-signature or handwritten signature
  • Co-signing for therapist assistants (if applicable)
Non-state specific implementation:
  • Comprehensive child evaluation
  • Capturing performed assessment instruments
  • Interim evaluation and service discharge
  • Compliant treatment documentation
  • Common service activities
  • Clinician’s e-signature or handwritten signature
  • Co-signing for therapist assistants (if applicable)

Operational cohesion for your EI program

Support every facet of your operations with a single platform that seamlessly integrates
the different tools you need.

Enter clients quickly via a simple intake form including demographics and authorization’s visit restrictions. Referrals retain which service coordinator or other source sent them. Locate existing clients on the spot to access their chart.
Onboard clinicians through basic invites that prompt them to sign up. They’ll put in their information and electronically sign your contract in the process. Upload and maintain their credentials and specify other employment-related attributes.
Establish precise compensation structure for your clinicians including per-visit or hourly rates and even expenses that they are allowed to get reimbursed for. Then let therapyBOSS help you facilitate payroll with little effort.
Data tracking and analysis
Find what you’re looking for easily be it clients, clinicians, billing-related data and more. Keep track of authorizations in effect, age-outs and expiring prescriptions using specialized reports. Glean important business metrics such as your profitability inside a powerful reporting tool.

Perfect fit for organizations and solo providers

Organizations in search of a total solution to underpin their operations will find therapyBOSS helping them streamline their entire practice.
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Solo providers
Individual providers searching for robust yet simple software to manage clients, document and bill will find exactly what they need.
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Continue services when clients graduate from EI

Continue services in therapyBOSS when a child ages out of early intervention. therapyBOSS is fully capable and ready to handle your pediatric census, enabling you to stick with one system.

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EI billing

Bill your state’s EI agency electronically if they accept CMS-1500 or UB-04 claim forms. Bill commercial insurances and issue client invoices within the same billing mechanism.

Establish your payers
Creating payers is trivial. There are very robust controls to accommodate unique payer rules but the defaults will work for most payers.
Identify client’s coverage
Adding payers to clients tells therapyBOSS how your services for them are to be billed. You’ll be able to provide policy information as well as authorization numbers if needed.
Create and submit claims
Assessments and treatments are good to be billed when clinicians complete them. Their billing parameters are initialized automatically from payer configuration. Separate queues of services to be billed and claims to submit keep billing efforts to a minimum.
Record payments
therapyBOSS can download electronic remittances so that you could review them and post to record payer’s payments, transferring at once any balance to secondary payers or clients.
Monitor outstanding bills
Centralized view of all bills and view of client’s bills along with filters to isolate by various criteria, plus drill-to-detail AR aging report make it painless to stay on top of your billing.

Productivity for clinicians

The therapyBOSS clinician app is a mobile companion every field clinician will love to have.

Get it done anywhere

Everything on the clinician’s wishlist including client records, scheduling, charting and signature capture to name a few. Remarkably, none of it needs Wi-Fi to function.


Scheduled appointments can be displayed in work or personal calendar.

Get it done faster

A multitude of smarts to document quicker and in compliance including outcome templates, auto-set responses, care plan enforcement, authorization enforcement and more.

Get it done better

With client information at the fingertips, charting simplicity and instant visibility into client’s progress, it’s easier to focus on your treatment.

* Our brand-new app showcased here is now available for Apple devices. The legacy Android app will be replaced soon.
When we started using [therapyBOSS] for early intervention, we piloted it with a few clinicians at first. The feedback that we got from them was [that] it’s so simple to use.
Kim Pritikin
Director of Clinical Services
Therapy Care

Client portal

Give your clients convenient online access to see their documentation and invoices.

Streamline your early intervention program

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