Discover a fresh alternative for clinic-based practices

Focusing on the needs of mobile therapists originally, therapyBOSS has evolved. It can
offer clinics a better alternative that doesn’t break the bank.

A simpler solution that covers all the bases

Clinical documentation
Built for therapists to chart quicker yet in total adherence to practice requirements including Medicare conditions of coverage. There’s nothing to customize, documentation is ready to go.
Integrated billing to submit accurate insurance claims effortlessly, post payments from ERAs, bill secondary payers, issue superbills and statements for patients and more.
Compliant notes, automatic safeguards and intelligent alerts work behind the scenes to help satisfy the never-seizing rules and regulations.
Straightforward patient calendar to schedule appointments while being able to see therapist’s appointments for other patients and their general availability.
Staff management
Painless onboarding of new therapists and ongoing upkeep of their personnel files to maintain credentials that you designate as required.
Extensive reporting to stay on top of all operational and business aspects with capabilities to drill into summary information and display it as charts for visualization.

Improving therapist’s experience

Modern tools for therapists to access their calendar, assigned patients and to document anywhere on any device.

Mobile app

Native for iOS and Android, it’s not only exceptionally capable but also highly therapist-friendly, delivering modern and intuitive mobile-first experience.

Web app

Web-based interface for patient access and documentation using the browser of your choice on your preferred devices such as laptops, Chromebooks and anything else.

Running multiple locations?

Your autonomous clinics can have their own account to keep their data separate. Therapists treating at multiple locations won’t need different logins though, they can be connected to each one and work the same with all of their assigned patients. Office users who perform tasks across locations can simply toggle between them.

Operating different business lines?

therapyBOSS stands apart in its ability to support practices offering services across diverse settings. You could be doing in-clinic rehab therapy and contracting with home health agencies for therapy staffing, yet managing all of it seamlessly. therapyBOSS does the heavy lifting internally to deliver a completely unified experience.

We’re always here for you

Our awesome software solution is backed by an awesome support team. We’re easy to reach and very competent. You can get help practically any time and know that your questions will be answered quickly and to the point.

Untraditional pricing you’ll love

therapyBOSS pricing is as simple as it is affordable for practices of all sizes. A small charge per patient session is all there is to it. This means paying strictly for usage and not getting stuck with rigid per-user fees.

Ready to see what therapyBOSS can do for you?

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