Adult Therapy

Therapy practices offering Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy services for adults will operate every aspect of their business better with therapyBOSS.

On the go magic

therapyBOSS liberates field therapists from having to bring work home because they can get it all done using the therapyBOSS mobile app.

Do it on any device

The therapyBOSS mobile app is a technological accomplishment that looks and functions its best on most phones and tablets.

Do it all

At-your-fingertips access to client records, appointment scheduling, charting, alerts to stay on top of things and that’s only some of what the app is capable of.


Scheduled appointments can be displayed in work or personal calendar.

Do it easier

The therapyBOSS app emphasizes usability which means being easy to use. It takes technical expertise and long term commitment to build a powerful tool that’s intuitive and efficient.

Do it offline

Lack of Wi-Fi or poor data connection is a non-factor for the therapyBOSS mobile app. It’s engineered to let you stay 100% productive in any situation.

* Our brand-new app showcased here is now available for Apple devices. The legacy Android app will be replaced soon.
No joke therapyBOSS has improved my ability to give clients the very best possible care. It’s reduced hours of “paperwork time”. I hope whoever had part in this magnificent marvel of technology is well taken care of. Great job!!!
Ben Novak
Physical Therapist Assistant

Web app for therapists

The therapyBOSS mobile app has a web-based sibling. It’s perfect for Macbooks, laptops and Chromebooks. Therapists can even get a visit started on a mobile device, then sync to continue on their workstation.

Robust documentation

It’s valuable to be able to complete notes faster. However, without compromising their quality which matters even if you don’t bill insurance.

Broad notes selection
Comprehensive adult therapy evaluations, treatment notes, progress reports, functional assessment tools, discharges, supervisions, physician orders, missed visits and more to support your needs.
Realistic time savings
Charting “accelerators” include goal and treatment templates, auto-defaulting responses, self-loading progress reports and discharges, quickly seeing client’s progress, optimal screen layouts and then some.
Built-in compliance
Solid documentation protects your practice. therapyBOSS delivers through compliant notes contents, care plan-driven charting, ICD-10 code lookup, missing responses detection and automatic physician orders.
Client signature capture, GPS visit verification, customizable e-signature for therapists, company logo on notes can be extras or necessities, you decide.

Getting paid

Billing is integrated and ready to go with your flow.

Bill insurance
  • Easy note to claim
  • Payer authorizations
  • Automatic claim validation
  • Submit claims electronically
  • Identify rejections and resubmit
  • Monitor unpaid claims
  • Post payments
Bill clients
  • Bill with superbills or not
  • Easy note to superbill or to invoice
  • Issue statements
  • Address to representative
  • Clear, print-ready format
  • Monitor unpaid invoices
  • Record payments

Solo provider? Organization? We got you covered.

Solo providers
therapyBOSS has what you need, it’s easy to get going with and offers unbeatable pricing.
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Increase your team’s productivity, control your operations and grow with therapyBOSS.
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