therapyBOSS Helps Synertx Boost Morale


SYNERTX Inc was founded in 1997 and has grown from a regional rehab company to having a coast-to-coast presence in 40 states. SYNERTX’s long-term goal is to expand to the remaining continental United States, and they have the capacity to achieve that goal.

SYNERTX specializes in building integrated physical, occupational, and speech therapy programs that drive superior clinical and financial results. They believe that “in today’s complicated regulatory climate, rehab is more strategic than ever.”

Additionally, SYNERTX provides flexible service options to accommodate patient-specific needs, additional clinical programs, even marketing support, and more.

SYNERTX’s Challenges Before therapyBOSS

  • Timely delivery of documentation
  • Tracking of documentation
  • Tracking of reassessment visits, especially in multi-disciplinary cases
  • Heavy reliance on agencies for audits and accountability strained client relationships
  • Having agencies call after a survey to inform that up to 15% of visits billed were considered non-billable was unsustainable
  • Homegrown processes, Google Drive documents in particular, were not able to address these issues resulting from too many moving parts



In today’s complicated regulatory climate, rehab is more strategic than ever.

SYNERTX’s “A-HA” Moment

Being a titan in size, when SYNERTX decided to enter the home health therapy staffing market, they did so with meticulous calculation. SYNERTX’s dedicated research and development team scoured the market for possible solutions. Cost was a big factor, but ultimately the #1 priority for SYNERTX was functionality. They told us that “some agencies we worked with already had software with a therapy component, but our team realized that we wanted something that fit our needs universally across our extended network.” Other important decision factors included cross-platform functionality (the ability to work with other software), robustly flexible billing and payroll processes, and the ability for clinicians to work without internet access.

How therapyBOSS Helped SYNERTX

  1. As SYNERTX began to build up their home health staffing practice, their needs for training clinicians increased dramatically. We conducted numerous training sessions, group and individual, to accommodate their huge expansion.
  2. While training therapists and standing by to support them 24/7 across the country, our team continued working with the SYNERTX’s operations team, including field coordinators, supervisors, financial leadership, and internal IT as they mastered the aspects of therapyBOSS their involvement called for.
  3. SYNERTX had requested additional features to accommodate their unique payroll needs. This was pointed out to us during initial demos and an agreement was reached that those needs would be met. Our technical team managed to architect the new features in such a way where they could be beneficial not just to SYNERTX, but for other clients as well so. It ended up being a win-win scenario for everyone. The requested features were delivered in less than a month – from inception to rollout.
  4. The SYNERTX IT department had a request of their own – to have a nightly data export from therapyBOSS provided to SYNERTX for internal corporate level processing and reporting. Again, our technical team implemented the requested feature and delivered a HIPAA-compliant solution rapidly to SYNERTX’s satisfaction.
  5. SYNERTX got our team engaged in multiple presentations for their very large home health agency clients, themselves with operations across many states. We helped SYNERTX build their case for using therapyBOSS and for accepting therapyBOSS documentation. In the end, all of SYNERTX’s clients, including very large agencies with multiple branches and very formal documentation review processes, have adapted therapyBOSS without reservations.
  6. As SYNERTX hired new employees in the office and clinicians in the field, we’ve continued to accommodate their training needs by helping new office staff get up to speed managing operations across multiple states all from one location.

“We are experiencing definitively higher satisfaction on our team, which has led to all-time lows in personnel turnover.”


SYNERTX’s Results

SYNERTX’s team was happy to report that their documentation is “complete, compliant, and on-time. We track reassessments seamlessly, and we’re able to catch problems much, much faster.” Reassessment dates, particularly in multi-discipline cases, are much easier for SYNERTX’s team to monitor.


SYNERTX told us that they have heard substantially fewer complaints from therapists about “how to fit driving to the agency, returning to the same desktop computer every night no matter what, etc. into my schedule”. In other words, therapyBOSS increased the functionality across their entire team. “We are experiencing definitively higher satisfaction on our team, which has led to all-time lows in personnel turnover.” Lower turnover means less time training new employees and increased team chemistry: two big ingredients in a winning formula.


Admitting that aspects of productivity and time-saving “were difficult to track prior to therapyBOSS”, it was difficult for SYNERTX to quantify the difference therapyBOSS has made in these two areas, given the amount of non-billable time clinicians spent that was largely unmeasured. However, as SYNERTX pointed out, “therapyBOSS’s benefit here is that unlike before, now we are tracking those things, and with relative ease. It’s helped us establish a good comparative baseline from which we can start making the adjustments that are needed in the future.”

Feedback From SYNERTX’s Clients

SYNERTX’s agencies are “glad to have the documentation there when they need it.” No more wild goose chases or leaving multiple voicemails for a busy clinician. SYNERTX told us that “universally, our agencies like the ease of use and messaging system, which cleans up the nitty-gritty every day compliance details that in the end make such a big difference to our partnership with them.”


“therapyBOSS is a major selling point in recruiting the best clinicians and maximizing client relationships.”


Agencies are enjoying their free platform to easily enter patients and send off referrals. The ability for referring agencies to access clinicians’ credentials transparently and quickly has also made life easier for SYNERTX’s agencies. Finally, they added that “one of the biggest things agencies really enjoy about us using therapyBOSS is their ability to manipulate, print, and pull data at their desire. They don’t have to worry about double billing during their reconciliation periods.”

In Their Words: SYNERTX’s Future Outlook

SYNERTX is positioned for growth across their cross-continental system with therapyBOSS at their side. “We feel very good about this partnership, which has grown and is continuing to grow.” Taking it a step further, they told us that they have “used therapyBOSS as a major selling point in recruiting the best clinicians and maximizing relationships with referring agencies. The 24/7 support, just being able to tell people that, has been a huge help.”

When a highly-organized home health therapy staffing company like SYNERTX is growing, they know that they need a solution that will fit their needs, will be flexible, and will be scalable for growth. In therapyBOSS, SYNERTX has found that solution.