How Northwest Therapy Did It

therapyBOSS Helps Northwest Therapy Save Time

About NW Therapy

Northwest Therapy Inc. was founded in 2008 by a small and dedicated group of therapists with over 20 years of clinical experience. Serving the Northwest, West, and Southwest areas of Chicago, Illinois, Northwest Therapy came together at the hands of therapists who had struggled to make their incredibly busy schedules work.  As parents, they needed more flexibility than was allowed in previous positions.

Starting small and with a limited advertising budget, they reached out to agencies in the area. With their determination, fierce dedication to customer service, and quick response times, agencies began to take notice. By 2011, Northwest Therapy was receiving enough word-of-mouth business that they were able to stop advertising entirely – which speaks volumes about the premium they put on service. They now employ over 40 therapists, including physical therapists (PT), speech therapists (SLP), and occupational therapists (OT) speaking six different languages!


Northwest Therapy’s Challenges Before therapyBOSS

  • Constantly running out of time
  • Scheduling became a huge challenge
  • Felt organized, but getting slower as they grew
  • Too much time micromanaging clinicians
  • Human & paper processes were a hassle
  • Couldn’t keep up with growing size & needs

Northwest Therapy’s “A-HA” Moment

Northwest Therapy knew that they needed to find a solution to simplify and streamline operations to continue to provide the excellent service they had become known for. As they expanded, paper and other home-grown processes simply took too much time. They started talking with their network of contacts and friends to try to identify a software solution that would help them be more efficient and support their continued growth. That’s how they heard about therapyBOSS. Though Northwest Therapy saw demos from other software companies, they chose therapyBOSS in the end.


Time is money and therapyBOSS saves
us a lot of it.

How therapyBOSS Helped Northwest Therapy

  1. Our team of experts walked them step-by-step through the migration from their existing processes. We let them set the tempo they were most comfortable with and adjusted on the fly as their level of comfort increased.
  2. We trained everyone – including their office staff and their therapists.
  3. We helped them get connected with their referring home health agencies by presenting the therapyBOSS agency portal to them. Instead of mailing and faxing paperwork, agencies could enter referrals, retrieve clinical documentation, as well as invoices and clinician’s credentials online at their convenience and in a much prompter fashion. The purpose of the agency presentation is to get the home health agencies started with therapyBOSS and is a free service which Northwest Therapy took advantage of.
  4. Northwest Therapy’s referring home health agencies were ready to go with therapyBOSS within two weeks. The fact that some of them had already been using the system through other therapy staffing companies helped and the action being taken by Northwest Therapy was very welcomed by those agencies.
  5. We stood by their whole operation which included office, therapists, and referring home health agencies with our 24/7 support. After a short period (2-3 weeks), the call volume from Northwest Therapy had decreased significantly as everyone got up to speed and became comfortable with therapyBOSS.

Northwest Therapy’s Results

Northwest Therapy is growing by 12-20% each year. They believe these results come from their sterling reputation for professional and responsive service. In no small part they are made possible by increased efficiency therapyBOSS has delivered.

Northwest Therapy told us that therapyBOSS has helped them save 35-40% of their overall time! We heard from them that they are “MACROmanaging instead of MICROmanaging now” and that the time they save afforded them the opportunity to focus on providing excellent service to their clients and patients and growing their business.

Naturally, Northwest Therapy has seen a significant reduction in their overhead costs. “Time is money and therapyBOSS saves us a lot of it” is what we heard from their leadership. Their time savings didn’t come at the expense of compliance, however. therapyBOSS enabled Northwest Therapy to meet industry compliance challenges in the manner that they, in their own words, could not prior to implementing therapyBOSS. With newly gained efficiency, the management of Northwest Therapy is dedicating more resources to making their business prosper and attending to their high-level strategic projects previously placed on the back burner. It also afforded them more free time for better work-life balance.


We continue to discover capabilities in the program … that help us save time and improve processes

Feedback From Northwest Therapy’s Clients

Northwest Therapy’s referring home health agencies recognized, understood, and appreciated their move to electronic documentation. Some of them had already been utilizing therapyBOSS with other therapy staffing companies, while others welcomed the move, seeing it as one that ultimately benefited them and their patients. Northwest Therapy is happy to report that their referring agencies are “not only NOT minding using therapyBOSS, they actually like it!” – citing the ease-of-use and data integration capabilities as a big differentiator from other software solutions, which some of the agencies came across through relationships with other therapy providers.

In Their Words: Northwest Therapy’s Future Outlook

Northwest Therapy is poised to grow with therapyBOSS and all signs point to a healthy future. therapyBOSS has eliminated many of the common headaches associated with running and growing a home health therapy staffing company. They feel that their willingness to explore in the first place, take what at the time seemed like a radical step, and choose therapyBOSS is what this bright outlook is owed to. With therapyBOSS, their leadership told us, they’ve never felt more ahead of the game.

Now, Northwest Therapy can manage their growth without losing their identity of providing five-star service and first class patient care. When we asked them if they had anything to add in conclusion, they told us this exact phrase: “We continue to discover new capabilities, shortcuts, and customizations within the program that help us save time and improve processes.”

Without needing to make the unnecessary choice between service quality and patient quantity, Northwest Therapy is certainly a therapy staffing company that’s worth keeping an eye on for their undoubtedly bright future.