How Alta Vista Did It

therapyBOSS Helps Alta Vista Get Rid of Paper

About Alta Vista

Based in Laredo Texas, Alta Vista Wellness Center began with a true, caring attitude and a belief in always giving their patients in Southern Texas the best care possible by treating them “like family”. Alta Vista Wellness Center’s focus is on physical therapy services furnished by their dedicated team of bilingual physical therapists (PTs) and physical therapist assistants (PTAs), along with fully-trained physical therapy technicians and wellness consultants.

All team members are coached and developed to create a healing and warm environment for their patients, within the boundaries of which they educate and serve in disease management, injury prevention, and general wellness. Ultimately, Alta Vista’s team prides itself on the work they do and their unrestrained commitment to improvements in their services.


Alta Vista’s Challenges Before therapyBOSS

  • Not enough time to manage business from administrative point of view
  • Realized long ago that paper processes weren’t going to “cut it”
  • Seized opportunities to use technology to their advantage, but ran into new issues surrounding the new technologies
  • Tried five other software vendors before, including Kinnser, and found them lacking the flexibility and capabilities
  • Became used to waiting 1-2 days to hear back from software support
  • Other pricing models were rigid and felt like they were punishing them as business fluctuated

Alta Vista’s “A-HA” Moment

Within just one week of trying therapyBOSS, Alta Vista Wellness knew they had finally found “the one.” Going further, they told us, “not only was the software intuitive and easy to use, but their support team was actually PATIENT with us as beginners to the software, which was very different from previous arrangements.” After trying not one, not two, but five other software solutions, the leadership at Alta Vista saw the therapyBOSS support team “really listen to us and be proactive in advancing and upgrading the program based on our feedback. This was in stark contrast to what we experienced before.”


[therapyBOSS is] way easier and more intuitive than other software, it takes half the time to do my work

How therapyBOSS Helped Alta Vista

  1. Alta Vista Wellness piloted therapyBOSS on their own. With the help of the self-learning video tutorials and therapyBOSS’ intuitive user-friendly interface, they were able to get going on the administrative side and got their clinicians started using training videos available specifically for them.
  2. As the office staff and clinicians at Alta Vista moved along and encountered situations where they needed clarification/assistance, they took advantage of our 24/7 expert support. The initial spike in questions subsided quickly though, and soon, it was business as usual (only way better now).
  3. Alta Vista took a gradual approach to getting their referring home health agencies connected through the therapyBOSS agency portal for sending referrals and retrieving other information electronically, as opposed to having it sent to them on paper. One by one, the pros on the therapyBOSS team helped Alta Vista’s referring agencies get going with therapyBOSS and stood by them as they quickly grew more comfortable using the system.


[therapyBOSS] software is the best available, but [support] really puts them in front. They’re always there for us

Alta Vista’s Results

therapyBOSS helped Alta Vista eliminate practically all use of paper.

Their software cost is “finally fair and affordable” and “doesn’t punish us as business unavoidably fluctuates”.

Better communication inside and outside of the company, especially in multi-disciplinary cases that “were very difficult and time-consuming to manage before therapyBOSS”.

Reduced calls from agencies and headaches.

Increased employee productivity – “I can see the improvement on a daily basis. Furthermore, the program’s Productivity Report paints a very clear picture of that for us.”

Has allowed leadership to “pick our heads up away from the craziness of the day-to-day to look at what’s ahead, which has proven valuable already.”

Boosted morale – they’ve had their own clinicians say therapyBOSS is “way easier and more intuitive than other software, it takes half the time for me to do my work on therapyBOSS.”

Sleep soundly – “the software is the best available, but the customer service is really what puts them out in front. They are always there for us.”

Minimized “gray areas” with agencies, to the delight of their clients.


This is the longest we’ve used a [software] program and actually been happy with it! Thank you therapyBOSS!

Feedback From Alta Vista’s Clients

Agency feedback has been positive for Alta Vista in their transition to therapyBOSS. “We especially loved that the therapyBOSS team took it upon themselves to reach out and train our agencies. That was another huge load off of our back and agencies appreciated the professionalism and competence shown by their team.”

Alta Vista told us that their referral sources enjoyed using the therapyBOSS home health agency portal “not only because it’s free, but because they can see credentials and missed visit reports immediately and export data as needed, all of which has met their needs. Everything is 100% clear between us and our agencies, which is a GOOD thing!”


We loved that the therapyBOSS team took it upon themselves to reach out and train our agencies.

In Their Words: Alta Vista’s Future Outlook

The Alta Vista Wellness Center is “very confident about our future” – and with good reason. Having boosted productivity and morale in the same stroke, they’ve implemented therapyBOSS and felt that they had mastered the program “within the first 60 days, easy”. With therapyBOSS’s per-visit service pricing model, they’re able to stay ahead of the competition without breaking the bank.

therapyBOSS’s commitment to constant improvement is what makes Alta Vista Wellness feel they have a real partner they can count on, not a vendor they wish they could count out. When we asked if they had anything more to add, they simply said, “This is the longest we’ve ever used a program and actually been happy with it! Thank you therapyBOSS!”