Real Clients. Real Results.

Different clients with the shared goal of streamlining their business, reveal the challenges before and the results after implementing therapyBOSS.


See how SYNERTX boosted moral and lowered turnover

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We are experiencing definitively higher satisfaction on our team, which has led to all-time lows in personnel turnover.
How Northwest Therapy Did It

See how NW Therapy enjoys 35-40% time savings

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Time is money and therapyBOSS saves us a lot of it.
How Alta Vista Did It

See how Alta Vista eliminated paper and “gray areas”

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therapyBOSS is way easier and more intuitive than other software, it takes half the time to do my work.
How Pro Rehab Did It

See how Pro Rehab locked down compliance while growing

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At the end of trial everyone was convinced 100% that we wanted to implement therapyBOSS.